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Cours de langue à East Toronto (India Bazaar / The Beaches West) : anglais, espagnol, allemand, etc

Ontario, les principales villes

Professeur de langue Downsview East (CFB Toronto)
Professeur de langue East Toronto (The Beaches)
Professeur de langue East Toronto (The Danforth East)
Natacha, professeur particulier espagnol East toronto (the beaches) M4E

Hello this is natacha..I'm Venezuelan. I just moved to canada. I speak spanish as mother language. I am able to help you to learn spanish. I'm graduated in tourism back in my country.
Diana, cours particulier anglais - M6K West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place)

Hello! my name is Diana and I am a Native English speaker. I was born and raised in Toronto by two continental Portuguese parents. As a result, I can also teach Portuguese to beginners being a fluent speaker, reader and writer myself. I am 22 and have been studying at Seneca college and Ryerson University since highschool but have recently taken break until September. I am available any days of the week :)
Sheila, cours particulier espagnol York (fairbank / oakwood) M6E

I did a major in Spanish at Dalhousie University, and did part of this degree in Mexico. I have also taught English in Ecuador. I did a Bachelor of Education (Master of Teaching program) at the University of Calgary. Since then, I have taught Spanish to Grades 8-12 students, who have varying levels of proficiency. Prior to this degree, I did Spanish tutoring one-on-one and for groups.
Catherine, cours particulier langues - M6H West toronto (dufferin / dovercourt village)

Hi! I'm Catherine. I'm a native English and Portuguese speaker. I went to Portuguese school for about 14 years and took the DIPLE exam at the Portuguese consulate in Toronto, so I am qualified to teach it.I also took French class throughout high school and continue to do so in university. I'm very comfortable with grammar rules and I think I'd be great at teaching them and helping you to understand them. I'd be able to accommodate whatever learning environment you think you learn best in ...
Sarah, prof particulier langues West toronto (dufferin / dovercourt village) M6H

I'm an occasional teacher with the TDSB. I am qualified to teach French Immersion.
Connie, professeur particulier anglais - M6K West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place)

I am a writer, an editor, and a professional writing tutor. Creative writing a specialty.

I tutored for years in highschool That was a little bit of a time ago (meaning I'm not that young - over 50!). I always have maintained a connection to learning everything - and helping others learn. I have a great deal of knowledge gained from this experience of how everyone's brain works differently and finding the fastest, easiest, brain friendly route to mastering English. If you need help, drop me a note.