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Cours de langue à Halifax Bedford Basin : anglais, espagnol, allemand, etc

Nova Scotia, les principales villes

Professeur de langue North Sydney South Central
Professeur de langue Sydney Central
Jorge, prof langues Lower sackville south

Hello, my name is Joge and I’m 15 years old. I’m an international student from Spain and I’m going to be in Canada during this year. My level of Spanish is professional because I lived in there during all my life. When I was in Spain I teach some friends from other countries like Canada when I have free time. My plan of education is very complete and personalize for every tipe of person.
Andrea, cours particulier langues Halifax lower harbour B3H

I am Andrea. I am 23 years old and I am from Mexico. I have a BA degree in Communication Sciences. A Global Business Diploma. And studies in Performing Arts, so I can help with vocabulary focus on those topics. I know speak English and my mother tongue is Spanish. I know just a few French in case of need it just for communicate during teaching. I have been teaching English and Spanish from children to high school students. And I also have experience in private English lessons for adu...