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Andrea, cours particulier London (yxu / north and east argyle / east huron heights)

I am and 18 year old student and i will be starting collage in September for child and youth care. I don't have that much experience in teaching or tutoring children. All i have done is helped my younger brother and his friend frequently with there homework. i graduated high school in 2014, i was always very good with math its one of my strong subjects. i would prefer to tutor children in primary school.
Niki, professeur particulier danse - N5V London (yxu / north and east argyle / east huron heights)

I have been dancing recreationally since I was about five years old. In high school I took dance class for all four years, being apart of several productions. I continued recreation dancing as well as competitive during my high school years as well. For a couple months I was giving private dance lessons to a little girl I used to babysit, but stopped because I moved away for school. At my old dance studio I spent several years also assisting dance classes and seeing first hand how to teach da...