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Leona, promenade chiens Calgary (martindale / taradale / falconridge / saddle ridge)

Hi, my name is Leona. I'm very experienced with animals. I currently have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 1 fish, 2 snakes. I used to show dogs and help train them. My family has a business with professional dog shows and training. I grew up on a farm with over 20 dogs, 15 horses, 15 sheep, 8 cows, 3 chickens. I'm not afraid of any type of animal. I will work with any. I can: walk, feed, bathe, play, and help potty train your pet(s). I'm fine with both big pets and little pets. I'm very kind, gentle voice...
Gabriel, promenade chien Calgary (thornecliffe / tuxedo) T2K

I love animals and am always willing to help. Its almost impossible to find a job where you get to do something your passionate about. I have 2 adorably fluffy cats who i have owned for about 8 years and loved every second of and i have a wonderful pug mix and we have just recently added a Shepard puppy into our crazy mix. I have been told that i am not allowed to adopt any more animals so i have resigned to taking care of them and helping out fellow pet lovers!
Ameena, promeneur chien - T3G Calgary (hawkwood / arbour lake / royal oak / rocky ridge)

Hi Pet owners! Need a break or someone to walk your pet. No need to stress, I can help! My name is Ameena and I am 14 years old and in Grade 9. I absolutely love animals! I have experience taking care of loads of animals. Whether there energetic puppies or affectionate cats, I got you covered. I am both athletic and responsible so you can ensure that your pet won't be bored or weary. If you are interested and would like some more information you can check out my account details.
Jennifer, promenade chien Calgary (oak ridge / haysboro / kingsland / windsor park) T2V

I will treat your dogs like family. I have lots of experience from working with my own dog to working at a doggy daycare. I offer home visits.
Chloe, promenade chien Calgary T3S

and I was wondering if you needed a sitter anytime soon? I have 2-3 years of experience and I'm really good with animals. I'm very responsible and trustworthy, I work hard and I love sitting animals! I'm available after school (usually get off at 4-5 pm) and all day on weekends. hope you consider:)
Isabelle, promenade chien - T2T Calgary south (altadore / bankview / richmond)

Hello! I’m Isabelle, I’m in grade 12 and I’m 17. I speak french and English fluently. I will be in Calgary all summer (2016) if you need me. I have experience with animals. All my life, I took care of a lot of animals, fish, horses, cats, dogs, mice. Right now I have two cats, one is 4 years old and the other one is 1. I’m used to dogs since I had a lot of them and I had to took care of them by myself. I even raise 12 puppies. I also have a horse that I take care of. Thanks for read...
Loredana, promenade chiens - T2B Calgary (forest lawn / dover / erin woods)

i love animals!! Im a cat and dog lover so this is an awesome way to get the perks of caring for an animal without all the hair lol. I'm an active individual and love to go for walks or runs all the time especially with the ice weather approaching.
Makenzie, promeneur chien Calgary T3S

Hi! Im a young animal Lover in NW Calgary. I own 9 pets of my own, and I foster dogs, So Im very obviously an animal lover (: I have experience with all animals, but I currently own 4 hamsters, a bunny, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Ive also fostered over 30 dogs! I would love to care for your animals as I believe every animal should get as much love as possible rom as many people as possible. I can provide walks and home visits at a negotiable price!
Pamela, famille accueil chien Calgary (city centre / calgary tower)

My name is Pamela and I am 21 years old. I have a dog back home in Quebec, she's a mix between Yorkshire and chi Wawa adorable little dog. I live in an apartment so the pets cant be too loud (dogs) and I have already looked after fish, cats and birds fro friends and family members.
Britney, promenade chiens Calgary T3S

Hi, My name is Britney. I have always had a love for all types of animals. I have had many pets including a bearded dragon, dog, hermit crab, frog, rabbit and many fish. My hobbies include staying active and spending time outside. I am a university student studying natural sciences at the University of Calgary.
Marine, promenade chien Calgary

Hello, my name is Marine and I am from France. I am living with animals since I'm born, this is what I love the most on earth. I had a big dog, many cats, a bird, a rabbit, etc... Please let me know if I can help you, I would be very happy to take care of your babies. Have a beautiful day.

I have looked after many animals, I love any animals young or old. And willing learn more as well.

Hi, It's Lily from Calgary with master degree of science of petroleum engineering from the University of Regina! I just graduated recently and moved to Calgary! I hope I could have a chance to be able to live here and find a decent job in the oil&gas industry! Unfortunately, since the oil price is still plunging and I think it could be a long-time fighting, so I decided to start as a pet (especially dogs) carer! I had experience before since when I was 8, two dogs and three birds, they are...