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Iman, pension pour chiens - V3L New westminster northeast

I can host cats, birds, reptiles and rodents in my 1 bedroom apartment if you need to go on vacation or have an emergency as for dogs I could knock on your door anytime you like to take him/her for a nice walk with my baby on my back... Unfortunately the building I live in is "no dogs aloud". I have lived all my childhood with pets and I simply love em :) from, snakes to hamsters to guinea pigs, cats, dogs, birds and off course fishes.. I can't wait to be able to move to a dog aloud building ...
Michelle, promenade chiens - V3L New westminster northeast

I would have the family feel very comfortable of me taking care of pets and putting my time aside for them. I am a huge animal lover, I feel right when you meet me you can tell that I am a very loving person and I have a huge heart.
Emily, promeneur chien Port coquitlam central

My names Emily, im 15 and currently attending Terry Fox Highschool, earning average grades. Ive had a number of pets myself in the past, and currently have a dog named mia, shes a shitzu, shes crazy and very cuddily. I also have an orange cat named Maui, who is interesting to be around, hes very strange, but I grew up with him, so I call him family. I love animals, I find them so interesting, Id rather sit at home with my cat or dog than go out most days, They make my house a home!
Carol, promenade chien White rock V4B

My name is Carol and I have been around animals for a good deal of my life...especially cats. I just love them. But I also love dogs, but just don't have as much experience with them. About a year ago I had to put my pet cat down after having her for over 12 years. She and her little brother (who died shortly after I got him from feline leukemia) were the lights of my life. I think that literally everyone in my family (with maybe one exception) has either one or two dogs, cats or both in the...
Anthony, promeneur chien Port coquitlam south

i have had many pets in the past and enjoy spending time with animals. the only type of pet i couldn't watch are spider or scorpions but other than that i would be happy to help as much as i can

Hello! I have previously worked for Release the Hounds professional dog walking and petsitting in Vancouver, BC. I have been around animals all my life. Previously owing dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, and horses. I would love to help out with any of them! I can be available for overnights if needed. I am willing to use my vehicle to transport your pet if needed. All rates for travel will be charged based on travel time and km. I have experience with all types of dog walking, hiking,...
Aaron, promenade chien - V4B White rock

Hi, My name is Aaron, I am 14 years old and I love pets. I have a cat and I used to have a hamster, so I would say I have some experience! Please consider hiring me, Aaron