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Shannon, famille accueil chien - B3H Halifax lower harbour

My name is Shannon, I'm 18 and a first year science student at Dalhousie. I have had a passion for animals my entire life and am hoping to become a vet and it would be great to gain more experience with all animals. Currently I only have snakes as I was not able to bring my dog and cat from Toronto to school, but I have owned reptiles, rodents, dogs, cats, birds and fish. I am currently living in residence, but have a small space in my grandmothers home (where I keep my snakes) for smaller a...
Alley, garde chien Halifax lower harbour

I love animals. I have a cat of my own; her name is Patches, she is 9 years old, she is a Bob cat, therefore she has a little nub of a tail. I could not imagine leaving her alone for 1-4 weeks or even months. I can definitely understand why someone would want a babysitter for their beloved pet(s). I would like to know if the animal is allergic to certain foods or medicines of the pet is sick; I will make to take a/or dog(s) for a walk. Or even a cat, because some people out do, do that. ...
Kate, promenade chien Halifax upper harbour

Hello, my name is Kate . I am 32 years old and am looking for a part time job to keep me busy while working at the Waegwoltic. I have experience caring for cats, dogs, birds and farm animals such as chickens pigs and horses but I am open to care for your pet even though I might not have the experience. I am willing to be taught to care the best for your loved one. I am available anytime before May and look forward to hearing from you Hopd you have a great day!
Andrea, famille accueil chien - B3H Halifax lower harbour

I am Andrea. I am 23 years old. I love dogs and spend time with them, playing, going for a walk or even running with them. I can feed yours and take care of he/she while you need it. Unfortunately I could not host your dog because I have one beautiful Weimaraner called Apolo. I raised him since he was born. He is a great company and such a good friend. I love him! But I can go to your home and take him/her for walks!
Juliana, garde chien Halifax lower harbour B3H

Hi I'm a loving animals I love to take care of beautiful and nice animals thank so much for considered me care
Ryleigh, garde chien - B3P Halifax north west arm

My name is Ryleigh, I have multiple years of experience with many different types of animals. The list I'm about to give is animals that I used to own myself on different occasions different lifestyles, therefore have done my research and know how to take care of the following: Cats Dogs Rats Ferrets Snakes Hamsters Bunnies Fish Chickens Pigs Goats Horses Probably should have just said that Ive never taken care of birds, but it can't be too difficult as long as all the doors ...
Michela, famille accueil chien - B3H Halifax lower harbour

Hello! I'm Michela and I really love pets. I'm graduated in antural science and i'm attending a master course in animal care, dogs behaviour and professional pet care. I can provide a lot of cuddles and walks and a safe place where your pet can stay in. I will love your pet. I'm very calm, sensitive and responsable.
Kristen, promenade chien - B3K Halifax upper harbour

I am looking to start a dog walking business. please contact me. a portion of my funds will be going to the closest dog shelter.

Hey I’m 16 years old(I’m a student) I really love animals, I have 4 dogs(2 Small dogs and 2 big dogs), 1 fish and 5 birds I’ve already had a lizard, hamsters and a rabbit I used walk some dogs of my neighborhood. I can bath your animals, I just can’t shave them of they have fur(I never tried before) and if they need something special you just need to tell me and I will do it. If you need any other information please contact me and I will answer your questios right away. Thank you!!

Hello! I am a cat mom of 2 and I love spending time with dogs and cats. I love getting outside and adventuring through the woods, beaches, or any other safe space. I also love to snuggle and play with your not so active dogs/cats. I am familiar with various sizes of dogs, and various behaviours of cats (my two babies are very different!). I am a full time teacher but have availability in the evenings and weekends. I look forward to hearing from you and potentially meeting your fur families.