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Promenade, visite, famille d'accueil, pension canine dans le 09 Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, principales villes :

Garde d'animaux Charlottetown North
Garde d'animaux Summerside
Garde d'animaux Montague
Garde d'animaux Kings and Queens counties (Elmira)
Garde d'animaux Prince County (Portage)
Garde d'animaux Stratford
Heather, pension pour chiens - C1A Charlottetown southeast prince edward island provincial government

I have 3 dogs and a cat and have always loved caring for animals. I have bread miniture pinschers . I've owned a St bernard , doberman, mixed breeds, chihuahua. So lots of personal experience as well as house sitting and animal sitting ...
MÉgane, promenade chien - C1A Charlottetown southeast prince edward island provincial government

Hi, Bonjour. I am Megane, 25 years old. I am an active woman who moved in Charlottetown almost three months ago. I am a young professional assistant teacher for french immersion classes at Spring Park Elementary school. I love pe...
Jessica, garde chien Stratford C1B

I have a dog myself, and in the past I have had small rodents.
Daniel, promeneur chien Charlottetown west C1E

I enjoy looking after cats and dogs. I am always known to follow a schedule. My experience is normally with older animals. Have not problems giving medication.

I love animals and like to stay with them

I am Grace I'm 16 years old, I take care of animals all the time. Thanks