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British Columbia, les principales villes

Garde d'animaux North Vancouver Outer East
Garde d'animaux North Vancouver Inner East
Garde d'animaux North Vancouver East Central
Taneesha, promeneur chien - V2J Quesnel

I love animals! I grew up mainly around cats and dogs, but I also have owned a bearded dragon and fish. I currently have two dogs, Teddy Bear and Toby. They are really well behaved and happy go lucky, and I love them a lot. I have always viewed animals as more than just living, they are alive. They have personalities and moods just as we do. I think the only real difference is we have choice, an active imagination to choose what we want or don't want. Animals act on instinct, their basic natu...
Shy-leigh, promenade chiens Quesnel

Hello, My name is Shy-Leigh, I am 24 years old looking for part time work. I have a dog, his name is Cloud he is a border collie lab. He is very protective and loving when is comes to family and friends. Cloud is a happy hyper active dog which needs a lot of walks and playtime! I do not have pervious experience looking after animals other than family pets growing up. However, I do have a vehicle and license and I am willing to come visit, walk, feed, and play with your pet any ti...

I love pets and taking pets for walks. I do not have any pets but I did have pets in the past.. I would like to watch pets at the owners place cause I got siblings in my house .
Brandon, promeneur chien Quesnel

Hi, I'm Brandon . I have 4 pets at the moment I have two cats and two dogs. My dogs are both pitbull/terriers ones name is Buzz and the other one is Dexter. My cats are both tabby X I think and ones name is Oreo and the other one is Shadow.

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