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Promenade, famille d'accueil, gardien d'animaux, pension canine, visite pour votre animal à The Pas

Manitoba, les principales villes

Garde d'animaux Winnipeg (Assiniboine South / Betsworth)
Garde d'animaux Brandon North
Garde d'animaux Portage la Prairie
Alaina, promenade chiens - R9A The pas

What can I say, I am a big softy when it comes to animals, I donate to Animal welfare organizations, ones where they come from abused families, neglected, or evening treated horribly. I am one of those “so called” crazy animal people who enjoy talking to their animals! But mostly baby talk lol. I have a dog of my own named Thor, he is a mix between a Germain Shepherd and a husky. I have a beautiful black cat with white socks on her feet, her name is Meeka, and we have a hamster named Donut an...

I am an animal lover, I've always had an animal in my care for as long as I can remember. I have exceptional experience with caring for dogs and cats. I just recently got a hamster so it's a little new to me but I love it. I love taking dogs for walks so if you're looking for someone to walk your animals, I am the person. I have my own vehicle so I can travel to your home. Feel free to contact me for more information. Thank you.

Responsible, 17 year old female. Experience with reptiles, rodents, fish, dogs and cats. I am an animal lover.

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