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Hailey, promeneur chien Victoria central british columbia provincial government V8W

My name is Hailey, I am a biology major at camosun college. I have a very high maintenance cat and a goofy dog myself and I love them dearly. I am saving to go to Africa to work in an orphanage for a month and hoping to pick up some odd jobs, loving your fur babies being my favorite potential option. I do drive, I am fairly active and I love the furry snuggles. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to meet your needs.
Layla, promeneur chien Victoria south V8V

Hi I'm Layla, I love animals so much! I have a 1 year old golden retriever puppy so I'm able to work with energetic and jumpy dogs/puppies. I'm good with feeding, walks, playtime, and taking outside. I'll be 15 soon, and am in grade 10 at OBH
Kate, famille accueil chien Victoria north

Hello! I've recently graduated from UVic, and I've owned pets since I was a young girl (cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs, rats, and fish). All the dogs I've owned I have trained myself. I'm very responsible and am flexible in the care I can provide.
Vanessa, promeneur chien - V8T Victoria north

Hi, My name is Vanessa and I am a grade 12 student at St. Michael's University School. I walk and spend a lot of time with my neighbor's dog as I do not have any pets of my own. I am extremely comfortable around all dogs and my love for them is why I am offering my services. I can take your dog for walks, runs, hikes and make sure they are healthy and happy!
Jaime, pension pour chiens Victoria north

I’ve grown up around cats and dogs my entire life and own a 8 year old golden retriever. I’d treat your pets with the same affection as I would with my own dog. I just turned 16 and am 100% qualified to care for your pet. I don’t ask to be paid much because I offer my services based on the fact that animals are my passion and it would be a huge pleasure to take care of your beloved pet! You would not regret your decision.
Chelsea, promeneur chien Victoria north V8T

I love dogs, every little one! I am always looking for way to get outside and I wish I lived in a place where I could get one for my own, one day soon hopefully :) Please consider me if you are looking for someone to attend to your furrbaby when you are tied up!
Maddy, promenade chien Victoria north V8T

My name is Maddy, and I am currently studying Biology at UVic. I love animals and have experience caring for them at home and or others.
Adrienne, promenade chiens Victoria north V8T

I bottle fed our kittens when we were first got them, plus I have lots of experience walking dogs, my own, and others. I love animals
Mackenzie, promenade chien Victoria north V8T

Hello, i'm Kenzie. i love working with animals, i believe i could provide acceptational services under pet care. i am friendly and reliable, open to challenges, creative thinker and great people/ animal interpretation skills.
Victoria, promenade chiens - V8T Victoria north

My name is Victoria, I recently moved to Victoria, BC to study business marketing at Camosun College. I have lots of experience in caring for animals and not to mention I love animals myself. At home in Calgary we have three cats and a dog and here in Victoria my roommate has a cat.

Hi! :) I love animals especially dogs, play around, go for a walk and take good take care of them will be awesome. I always offer to help and feel glad to help you. Thanks :)