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Jasmine, femme ménage Parry sound P2A

Hi there, My name is Jasmine and if you need and enthusiastic individual look no farther! I'm a country girl who is great with household tasks, cleaning and organizing. I'm a trustworthy individual who is always willing to help oth...
Selena, ménage - K6A Hawkesbury

i enjoy cleaning and outdoor work always illing to give a helping hand in need. i can cut gras play in the garden i can also do stone masoy and land scaping if at all necissary. pets do not bother me at all due to the fact that i am a pe...
Julie, ménage - K1H Ottawa (alta vista)

I loving clean and helping, will to do pretty much anything asked of! I'm free weekends and 3 days a week every week(days of your choosing.) in the summer all day plus every evening every night. I can help clean your house, help get or...
Abbie, repassage Midland

Hello, I am Abbie. I'm a 20 (almost 21) year-old University student. I am currently enrolled in Online University, Athabasca, finishing my first of four years towards my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I am looking for extra work to do o...
Sharaya, ménage - L3C Welland west

Hello there, I am Sharaya. I am looking to get experience in home services. I am very hard working and pay close attention to detail. I am trustworthy, hardworking, responsible, and willing to learn new skills! I am a kind and friendly ...
Ramona, femme ménage - P3B Greater sudbury (downtown / minnow lake)

Hi My name is Ramona . I am a Sudbury native and have been avidly worked in various fields of employment for years. I have personal support worker diploma and social service worker gerontology diploma from Cambrian College. I consider ...
Marjorie, ménage   Ontario

Dynamique, rapide et volontaire.
Maia Inglese, femme ménage Toronto

I'm very organized and useful around the house. I love helping others. I work hard and get the job done right, I'd be glad to assist you as much as I can. Thank you.
Brittany, ménage Simcoe

I am 16 years old but very mature and helpful. I always clean and cook for family, friends, and guests
Kaitie, femme ménage - P1C North bay north

My name is Kaitie and I am currently looking to become a nanny! I can do house hold work as well! I'm 23 years of age and very passionate about caring for children. I'm extremely personable, energetic and a caring individual with s...
Tiffani, ménage - N7S Sarnia central

My name is Tiffani, I am a 17 year old high school student. I suffer from OCD and therefore need t live in a clean environment. I love organizing and cleaning! I can multitask well and would not mind assisting pets or children while hou...
Ivana, femme ménage - L6T Brampton east

Hey im a girl who is a quick learner. I can do any kind of works a d I dont ask a lot. My flexible dates will be (4pm-7pm) everyday days expect saturday and sunday because those days I can work all night.
Maria, ménage Windsor (east forest glade)

Actively clean, organize, and assist with inventory • Sewed duffle bag to donations oversees
Britney, ménage - L3Z Bradford

I live in Bradford Ontario. I do not have a car so every where I go I either take a bus or walk my way there I love to walk
Sydney, ménage Ottawa (overbrook)

My name is Sydney and I am a grade 12 student at St Peter CHS seeking a part-time, permanent/temporary, or summertime house sitting, gardening or household aid position. I am a friendly, enthusiastic worker who loves to DIY and take care...