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Nikiela, ménage Yorkton S3N

Hello my name is Nikiela. The services I offer are: -household tasks and house cleaning -house sitting -cooking and shopping -mowing lawns I have experience being a house/business cleaner for 2.5 years. I have house sat a couple times as well.

I have school from 10:40 to 1:40 and other then that my schedule is open i am currently 18 years old and I am very good at cooking and cleaning I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty I would love to house sit I would come in when you would want and I could clean your house or do what ever tasks you would want me to do. I live on the farm but have a grandma in town so I could be at the beck and call when ever you would need I have a truck if you do not have to haul something or to get rid of...