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Caroline, aide domicile Barrie south L4N

Hi there my name is Caroline , I am currently a grade 10 high school student at nouvelle alliance witch is a French high school. I love knowing I can help people I that type of person who wants to make a change in the world. I love being around people. I love talking sometimes I talk to much cause I always have so much great stuff to say. I would describe my self as loyal and bubbly. :)
Paige, aide pour personne âgée domicile - L4M Barrie north

Hello, My name is Paige . I am currently in college and looking to expand my experiences working with different types of individuals. I am an outgoing, talkative, helpful and kind young adult and would love to find ways or opportunity's to help those within my community. If you should require any further questions please feel free to contact me.
Tanya, aide domicile Barrie south L4N

Single parent recently dismissed from position of 10 years. Children are in school and would like to find employment that is flexible and during school hours. I am very compassionate and care for people I am more than capable to take care of others the way I would myself. I have experience from caring for friends and family that could not care for themselves
Carmela, aide pour personne âgée domicile Barrie

Hello, my name is Carmela and I am 21 years old. I am a developmental service worker student who has their CPR and CPI training complete. I love being outdoors and being active. I am flexible with my hours and will be available during week and weekends. I would love to hear back and will be willing to answer more questions you have for me. I have experience in group homes, private homes and out in the community !
Madison, aide domicile Barrie

Hi there my names Madison & I love working with the elderly & hearing story’s & just talking with them I would love to help out with cleaning cooking pet watching & much more!

I have four years of experience working with old ages at nursing home in singapore and doing household chores. I was able to communicate with the old ages in different cultural background, assist them with their needs development and understand their family’s specific needs.I am a flexible, reliable, hardworking, focused, energetic, patient, nurturing, dedicated person and committed to my work.