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Leona, aide pour personne âgée domicile - T3J Calgary (martindale / taradale / falconridge / saddle ridge)

Hi my name is Leona. The type of help and care I can give include: reading, feeding, cleaning, laundry, doing the dishes, talking and singing to the elderly. I'm very kind, gentle, caring, tidy, ambitious, committed, outgoing, creative, artistic and thoughtful. I am sorry to say I don't have any professional experience but I used to help take care of my grandparents and very sick family members. You can do a background criminal check if you would like. I'm drug FREE. I do NOT do and or own ...
Begonia, aide domicile Calgary T3S

Hello: My name is Begonia, I have some experience caring forma senior, I care of my randparents and I have worked for seniors lodge. Thanks.
Gabriel, aide pour personne âgée domicile Calgary (thornecliffe / tuxedo) T2K

I am a young Female looking for work. I love people but often find myself frustrated working in the customer care industry and you only really see a negative side to the person you are helping. I would like to do a job where i get to do what i love most, and that is being around people. Regardless if it is cleaning a persons house because they are unable to do so, sitting and reading to them, helping them eat or anything else you could possibly think of i would like to help :)
Maria Silver Luzelma, aide pour personne âgée domicile Calgary (symons valley) T3P

I am Maria Silver Luzelma B. . Just call me Silver for short. I just arrived here in Calgary few weeks ago and I hold a work permit. I am a pure-blooded Filipina, and as what most people say Filipinos are hard-working, patient, caring people and that I possess those qualities. I am new in this field and I am very much eager to learn every single detail in caring for elderly. I am a registered nurse for 8 years way back home, and as a nurse I learned to give my utmost care to every patient/cl...
Lucy, aide pour personne âgée domicile Calgary (douglas glen / mckenzie lake / copperfield / east shepard)

Hey there I'm Lucy! I'm a 17 year old grade 12 student looking for a little bit of part time work! I would love to dedicate my time in helping others, such as keeping them company, helping them with things etc. I have volunteered at a nursing home before and visit my grandfather at his nursing home to keep him company along with all the other seniors. I love to go read to them and just keep them company when family and friends arnt around. (:

Hello everyone my name is Samra and I love to care people I can available in evening and nights , I have experience with my grandparents and I am caring , loving and kind nature. I have police check CPR , first aid Willing to help seniors if you need more information please contact me with my email address I will look forward to hearing from you Thanks

I have done this with family n other people as well. But willing to learn more.

Hi. Im Pinky, filipino married with one kid. I am a Registered Nurse back home so I have professional experience taking care of elderly. I have also taken care my sick grandmother, with that I know I am confident to take the challenge of looking after with the grannies:)

My own grandma is already 85, I'm her sweet granddaughter because I looked after her for almost 15 years before I came to Canada! I‘m a thoughtful and considerate girl with loving heart for old people, and in my country, it's a very old tradition to look after old people for young generations! I believe in myself that even in another country, it's still the same! It's valuable to have a virtuous and Innocent heart!
Dewi, aide pour personne âgée domicile Calgary northeast T3N

Hi my name is Dewi , I am Indonesian, I was open work permit, I have experience with elderly with dementia, as caregiver , my activity is cooking for them, help bath and dress, go for walk, company elderly , talking with them , help them with light housekeeping, laundry , feeding, medication. I also can speak Mandarin. Thanks