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Amber, aide domicile Quesnel V2J

I have volunteer work at the Senior Village in Williams Lake BC, I have took care of my grandmother She was very sick with Old-timers disuse for many years as I was growing up I had took care of her and had helped out my family out with cooking and cleaning and taken her baths and helping her get her pants on and shoes and taken her for walks with the dog and helping my papa at night time for when she waked up to get out of the house for a walk she would go missing if no one is watching her, ...

I am a friendly person, hard worker and honest. Besides that I am reliable and you can trust me. I can be useful by the groceries shopping and cleaning their houses. However, besides the experiences I have with my elders, I am used to do the voluntary work in the different elders houses such as helping them with games and other relaxing activities and sport. My main qualities are hard worker, reliable and I am care about person's. Thank you
Shy-leigh, aide pour personne âgée domicile Quesnel V2J

Hello, My name is Shy-Leigh, I am 24 years old looking for part time work. I am a very reliable individual willing to provide you or your family member with the care they deserve. I am willing to cook, clean, shop, and be of good company. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Shy-Leigh
Skylar, aide domicile - V2J Quesnel

my name is skylar wells, I love to help people, I can play games and help clean up around the house I can cook and bake

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