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Iman, aide domicile - V3L New westminster northeast

I am patient, I love the old and the tiny just the same. they both need additional loving care. I can help you with your cooking as long as it's your recipe (you might love or dislike mine but I can still make a good lasagna), cleaning, ironing and many others would be a deep cleaning from my side as I am an OCD type of human. I can do the shopping as well as long as it's near your house since I don't have a car.. If your are grumpy be sure I will make you laugh. I have had a shy childhood t...
Michelle, aide domicile New westminster northeast V3L

I would love to help out in any way I can. I love to do errands for people who don't have enough time in the day or to people who cannot get around. I am a very nice responsible person and would just like to make it that much easier for someone who is struggling.
Carol, aide pour personne âgée domicile White rock

I have helped some older people, with errands, appointments, and just getting out of the house for a break. And as well taking care of my dad and mom when they were ill. I cooked for them, drove them places, and helped clean up a bit too. Also just talked to them and listened to the things they had to say which is very important to do, especially as people age. Spending time with them is also good, either sitting quietly with them just doing nothing, talking, or listening as they tell stories...
Anthony, aide domicile Port coquitlam south

i have had no experience in this but i'm willing to learn and i enjoy helping other as much as i can

My name is Beth and I'm in my early twenties. I have experience working in a care home environment from volunteering at Bailie House for a year. I also played an active role in the in home care of my grandmother during her fight with cancer. I have my First Aid certificate and my drivers license. I am willing to do a variety of positions and am flexible with scheduling. I am a very caring and attentive person and would be a good companion for a senior.

I am a mature, single Christian woman in my late forties. My life values are compatible with most universal beliefs. Taking care of people has really been my adult vocation, and have had a rewarding level of success. I don't drink or smoke, and eat quite healthy😊. I also love to cook--and enjoy all aspects of homecare provision...the one on one is so wonderful, getting to meet new people, and hear their stories...and it it doesn't matter how many times that I might hear the 'same' rendition,...

hi im Cole and i love spending time with other people and learning new things. I am in grade seven and i would like to have a new friend and a wiser person input since i do only have 1 grandparent that lives in Toronto so i cant talk to her that much. i love have company so if you like company to i would love to give you some. for further info please email me. :)