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Viktoriya, infirmiere domicile Timmins west P4R

I love helping people and especially seniors who cannot help themselves as easily as young adults can. I am passionate, driven, energetic and skilled in a variety of fields. I do have professional experience working with seniors at the Golden Manor (Timmins) and Long Term Care facilities in the Niagara Region.
Liane, aide pour personne âgée domicile - P4N Timmins southeast

I am a 27 year old female, who enjoys helping out the elderly. Growing up i took care of my mother who is disabled and always helped out my grandparents with whatever needed to be done. I am worked at a retirement for about a year and a half. I enjoy the company.of.elderly people as.well the knowledge they possess. I am responsible and punctual. I always have a smile on and.make the best of.every situation.
Dominique, aide domicile Timmins west

Je suis étudiante à l'Université Laurentienne et je gradue cette année avec un baccalauréat en science de la santé avec une spécialisation en orthophonie.

I'm a mother of a 22 year old daughter. I've been a registered practical nurse in a hospital setting since 2006. I recently moved back to Timmins, Ontario last year to care for my mother who was ill. I worked on the long term care floor at the hospital were I was able to care for elders and help them with their activities of daily living such as bathing, meals, snacks, medications, walking. My reward is knowing that my clients adore me and my job is well done taking care of them.
Alyssa, soins domicile Timmins southeast

Hi there, My name is Alyssa, and I am actually moving up north for the summer months in order to spend some time with my grandma, so I will be trying to look for employment at the same time. I enjoy social interactions, and absolutely love chatting. I am currently in nursing at the University of Ottawa, and I am looking forward to putting some of my practices into action. Thanks for taking time to reading this!
Cassandra, aide domicile Timmins southeast P4N

I have my PSW diploma and have worked with the elderly in the past. Whatever the needs might be I hope you my best to accommodate them whatever they need.

Autour de Timmins North