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Professeurs et cours particuliers à Kitchener Central : math, français, physique

Ontario, les principales villes

Professeur particulier Downsview East (CFB Toronto)
Professeur particulier East Toronto (The Beaches)
Professeur particulier East Toronto (The Danforth East)
Elizabeth, cours particulier soutien scolaire Wellington (elora) N0B

I am a recent graduate from a recognized teaching program. I have 5 years of in school teaching in which I have learned methods and resources that will benefit me in tutoring another avenues. During my teaching placements, I have been placed in classrooms ranging from Kindergarten to grade 6. WIthin these classrooms, I have worked with students of all learning levels and abilities. I strongly believe that all students are able and willing to learn. As well, I have learned a great deal of stra...
Melanie, cours particulier soutien scolaire Kitchener northwest N2M

I am just looking to make some extra money while helping out kids in grade school with anything from science to arts. I am fifteen years old, I've taught my younger siblings from time to time.