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Professeurs et cours particuliers à West Toronto (High Park / The Junction South) : math, français, physique

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Professeur particulier Downsview East (CFB Toronto)
Professeur particulier East Toronto (The Beaches)
Professeur particulier East Toronto (The Danforth East)
Sarah, cours particulier soutien scolaire - M6S West toronto (bloor west village / swansea)

Hello, My name is Seyoung (Sarah) , and I am a 2nd year chemical engineering student, currently enrolled at the University of Toronto. I have been tutoring different age groups of students. In total, I have been tutoring students whose ages are five, seven, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and seventeen. Usually, I tutored mathematics but I also tutored chemistry and music as well. While I tutored these students, I identified areas for improvement and adjusted individual’s lesson based o...
Sarah, professeur soutien scolaire West toronto (bloor west village / swansea) M6S

I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Canada's East coast. I have experience tutoring in math, physics, statistics and ESL. I currently tutor on a contract basis with one of Toronto's most popular tutoring services. I take pride in coming to each lesson with a positive attitude, prepared and ready to teach. Aside from tutoring, I have a full-time job in the energy industry and enjoy playing sports such as hockey and soccer. Let me know how I can help you or a family member succeed.
Clement, professeur soutien scolaire - M6J West toronto (rua aþores / trinity)

I am Clement. I am Canadian Citizen, I am 19 years old I have been a tutor when I was back in china in a international school and I moved back here finishing my final year of high school, it will be my condolences to teach kids how to do their homework or some other unrelated subjects such as math, chinese, english, history.
Shilpa, cours particulier soutien scolaire - M6B North york (glencairn)

I am a graduate in Electronics Engineering and good in math and science subjects.
Sam, prof particulier maths - M6R West toronto (parkdale / roncesvalles village)

Favourite subject in school is math. Good with language too. Fluent in English and French. Currently attending Urusula Frankin Academy, one of the best high schools in Toronto