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Natacha, gardener - M4E East toronto (the beaches)

Hello, this is Natacha.. I'm venezuelan, recently moved to toronto, I'm willing to help in house duties or outdoors also. I'm very helpful and polite person. open to help
Jaylen, gardener - L5S Mississauga

I really enjoy gardening. I am also really strong so I can help people move their furniture.
Sammie, gardener in Pembroke central and northern subdivisions K8A

Hello My name is samantha but I like being called Sammie..I am 20 years old..I know how to cut grass water plants stuff like that..I even know how to garden out side with plants..if u have any other question feel free to ask away..
Laura, gardener in Wellington (elora) N0B

As a registered nurse, I am aware of the importance of health consciousness and a healthy nutritious diet is crucial to this. I am skilled at cooking, and have acquired many different recipes which I use regularly that are both nutritiou...
Mayan, gardener in Waterloo southwest N2T

My name is Mayan , I am an 18 year old student looking to help out with gardening or lawn care, helping to fix things, or any other service that is required. I used to be an avid gardener, and since I was very little I have been helping...
Nicole, gardener - L9B Hamilton

My name is Nicole and I am offering gardening services! I am a very responsible and trustworthy student, looking for some extra money to help with college funds. I have had gardening experience in the past few years. I have my own garden...
Sara, gardener - L3K Port colborne

Hello, my name is Sara, I am 17 years old and graduating high school in June 2015. I am looking for a good job hopefully in gardening etc. I am offering gardening and house sitting work, which the rate of pay will always be negotiabl...

I am open to learning new things, such as gardening, house sitting, and even DIY/maintenance. To anyone willing to hire me on and train me, I would be truly great full, as these are skills I wish to have in my own life, but have not y...
Denisa, gardener - L5G Mississauga (sw lakeview / mineola / east port credit)

Hello, my name is Denisa and I am from Czech Republic and I have experience from New Zealand where I was working like volunteer.

Hi my name is Isabella , I love yo garden and help out plant foods, flowers, veggies. I help garden around my house.
Alana, gardener in Guelph central

Hello, My name is Alana and I attend the University of Guelph. I am looking for some occasional or part-time work to assist me with my school expenses. While growing up I always had household chores to do so I have been cleaning and...

I am experienced and have helped others with shopping and errands and gardening and housesitting.

I am a student here and i want tu do part time job.