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Natacha, professeur particulier espagnol East toronto (the beaches) M4E

Hello this is natacha..I'm Venezuelan. I just moved to canada. I speak spanish as mother language. I am able to help you to learn spanish. I'm graduated in tourism back in my country.
Paola, cours particulier espagnol Etobicoke (old mill south / king's mill park / sunnylea / humber bay / mimico ne / the queensway east / royal york south east / kingsway park south east)

I was born in Mexico City, I am a very active teenager who likes to teach in a dynamic and interactive way. I try to use other work tools, it could be auditory, visual or tactile to make the language more docile. Learning spanish it wil...
Mame Salimata, cours français Ottawa (lower town / sandy hill / university of ottawa)

Bonjour , je suis une étudiante en genie a l'université d'Ottawa . J'aime partager le savoir que j'ai . La majeure partie de mon eductaion a ete faite en francais , c'est pour cela que je suis tres a l'aise dans cette langue. J'aime la p...
Marjorie, prof français Ontario

Je suis une personne fiable, sérieuse, dynamique et qui aime parler et surtout sa langue maternelle le français. J'ai toujours aide des personnes (adultes ou enfants) en soutien particulier. Je corrige chaque erreur car c'est comme...
Vanessa, professeur particulier anglais - M2K North york (bayview village)

As a teacher's college student and a CELTA-certified English language teacher, I am able to effectively teach English to a variety of learners from Beginner to Professional levels. I have worked with young learners for eight years, both ...
Brittany, cours langues - N3Y Simcoe

I have professional knowledge of English and some knowledge on french and spanish
Beverly, prof particulier anglais - L1Z Ajax east

I have been teaching ESL for close to fifteen years. I was a LINC Coordinator and instructor. I enjoy teaching adults and children. Please contact me my rates can be negotiable. I enjoy teaching.
Sandra, prof espagnol Port colborne

My mother tongue is spanish, I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Bogota -Colombia and I worked over there 8 years. My grammar is excellent!
Maria Guadalupe, professeur espagnol - M8Y Etobicoke (old mill south / king's mill park / sunnylea / humber bay / mimico ne / the queensway east / royal york south east / kingsway park south east)

I was born and raised in Mexico City. When I was in highschool, I also went to a language school to profundize in French, Italian and English culture. Although, my speciality is spanish, I use ways to conect spanish though other languages.
Ivana, prof langues - L6T Brampton east

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I learn European French with points on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary. I adapt my lesson to each person, with topics and documents to enhance the interest of learning.
Caroline, cours langues - L4N Barrie south

Hi my name is Caroline I am a grade 10 student at Nouvelle-Alliance catholic secondary school. Im very good at both French and English. I've been speaking these languages my hole life. My elementary school was in French and so is my se...
Sandra, cours particulier langues Hawkesbury

Dear familly, I speak French and come from France. I speak Spanish a lot because I worked for a Spanish airline during 9 years. And I speak English with an intermediate level (I can teach basic English) Hope I could help your childr...
Lucia, professeur particulier langues - M4P Central toronto (davisville north)

Master in Spanish as a Foreign Language, University of Oviedo, Oviedo, Spain • Experienced Spanish teacher with passion for helping students of all ages learn about language and culture • Strong oral and written communication, inte...
Diana, cours particulier anglais - M6K West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place)

Hello! my name is Diana and I am a Native English speaker. I was born and raised in Toronto by two continental Portuguese parents. As a result, I can also teach Portuguese to beginners being a fluent speaker, reader and writer myself. ...