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Garde d'animaux Calgary
Garde d'animaux Edmonton (Central Beverly)
Garde d'animaux Fort McMurray Outer Central
Garde d'animaux Fort McMurray Inner Central
Garde d'animaux Fort McMurray Northwest
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Lou, promenade chien - T4T Rocky mountain house

Hi, I'm Lou. I'm also 18, i do have my drivers. i live out in the country. I have three horses, two great Danes, and two cats. I also have babysat a snake. Since i won't take your animals home with me, i can stay at your house be in thei...
Jacina, promeneur chien Hinton

Hello, my names Jaci (pronounced JC), I absolutely love animals of every shape, size and species. I have a dog, two cats and a bearded dragon. I've grown up with pet frogs, a pet leopard gecko and dogs. I'm very open to caring for new...
Jewel, promenade chiens Red deer central T4N

Good day! I'm a newcomer here in Canada. I'm an animal lover. Back in the Philippines I do have 4 dogs and 6 cats. I took care of them every day. I fed them, bathed them every other day. Walk them. Clean everything when they messed ar...
Arielle, promenade chiens Spruce grove north

I'm a single parent to a gorgeous 5 year old girl who loves all kinds of animals even mice :). We live in a condo have our own transportation.My daughter will be helping me out as the job is more for something for us to do together. We a...
Leona, promenade chiens Calgary (martindale / taradale / falconridge / saddle ridge)

Hi, my name is Leona. I'm very experienced with animals. I currently have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 1 fish, 2 snakes. I used to show dogs and help train them. My family has a business with professional dog shows and training. I grew up on a farm...
Jasmine, promenade chien Fort mcmurray outer central

Hey, my name is Jasmine. I am fully billingual, I am a grade 11 student. I love animals ALOT. Lol You could call me a crazy animal lady... I have laying hens in my backyard! I collect eggs from the chicken coop everyday! I have 2...
Samantha, promenade chiens Wainwright T9W

I am somebody that is caring and I have some free time I would love to take animals for walks or come to feed them while your family is away.
Brandon, pension pour chiens - T8L Fort saskatchewan

I own 2 dogs and a cat! Raised animals all my life. Great with dogs, cats, rodents etc. Can do most things animal related lol within reason!
Sara, promenade chien - T9G Devon

Hi I'm Sara, I love animals and would love to help take care of yours! Summer often involves vacations, day trips and just overall busyness. I am looking to fill up my spare summer time! I can help by taking your dog for walks, feeding a...
Sabina, promenade chiens - T4N Red deer central

I’m Sabina . 14, and I have 4 animals. 2 guinea pigs, Stampy and Honey, a cat, Mittens and a dog, Henry. I love taking care of my pets and animals in general. I’m perfectly fine with cleaning cages/ enclosures. I also love to take wal...
Sam, promenade chiens Red deer central

My name is Sam I love all different types of animals!
Rhiannan, promeneur chien - T1S Okotoks

My name is Rhiannan and I am a 24 year old Australian coming to live on a 2 year working visa on Sept 25th. I am looking for extra hours, so I thought pet care would be perfect. I had a dog Scrappy who passed away a number of years ag...
Rosie, promenade chiens Cochrane T4C

I am a baby/pet sitter who has cared for almost every type of animal imaginable! Everything from big dogs and cats, to snakes and lizards. I can walk dogs, feed animals, have regular play/interaction time with them and make sure they are...
Julia, promenade chien Red deer north

I absolutely love pets, so right now I am living through my friends with dogs and cats. I am living in a non-pet-friendly apartment as unfortunate as that is, so it's always a win-win when I get to look after one of my friend's pets. The...
Lauren, garde chien - T8N St. albert

Hi; I'm Lauren! I'm currently taking my BSc at U of A. I have a great love for animals, and have gained experience with many species via my volunteering at a petting zoo, doggy daycare, and aquarium/terrarium gang (at high school). ...