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Promenade, famille d'accueil, gardien d'animaux, pension canine, visite pour votre animal à Downsview East (CFB Toronto)

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Garde d'animaux East Toronto (The Beaches)
Garde d'animaux East Toronto (The Danforth East)
Hallea, promenade chien - M2K North york (bayview village)

I am a high school senior who has grown up in a house full of animals (my brother included!). I have grown up with two white retrievers; one is 13 years old and the other is just 4! I have pet-sit my friends hamsters as well as family friends cats. I love all animals and have been brought up in an animal loving household. I treat animals as I would a friend and always treat them the very best they should be treated. I hope to one day own my own pets and I would hope that if I were to hire som...
Vanessa, promeneur chien North york (bayview village) M2K

I am a friendly and personable individual who loves working with animals. I would be happy to play with and care for the non-human members of your family! While I have only personally owned pet fish, I have experience caring for hamsters and dogs. Additionally, I have hosted a crested gecko in the past. Of course, I don't have any allergies and am an energetic individual open to working with a new species/breed/personality of pet =) Feel free to contact me for more information!
Jaylin, promeneur chien North york (northwood park / york university)

I would be able to walk dogs and babysit the dogs if wanted for $10 an hour.
Maisa, promenade chien West toronto (dufferin / dovercourt village)

Hi there! My name is Maisa and I'm 26 years old. I love animals, and have two cats myself. I've previously walked a dog for a wonderful family, and Ridley was a great walking companion. I have experience caring for fish, rabbits, cats, dogs, and am open to meeting more animal friends. :)
Paula, promeneur chien Weston

I'm Paula . I'am 19 years old and i'm a french student in Toronto. I need to make money to pay my studies. I'am a friendly girl, patient , love smile and very kind to help !
Rosa, promenade chien North york (bayview village) M2K

Hello there, My name is Rosa Lee, 22 years olds, and I just recently graduated from U of T. I love animals, mostly dogs, and I would love to help you pet lovers out.
Elizabeth, promeneur chien West toronto (dufferin / dovercourt village)

Hi there! I'm Liz and I live in the west end of Toronto. I've grown up with dogs my entire life and currently have a cat. I love animals more than anything and it would be a pleasure to care for yours when you're unable to. I'll love your pets like they're my own!
Marisa R. Ferreira, promenade chiens York (del ray / keelsdale / mount dennis / silverthorne) M6M

I am very loving person, kind, good, all kind of animals for me are precious living creatures and I see them as a wonderful and loving gift from our Dear Creator. I grow up having as a pet: dogs, cats, birds, goat, pigs, ducks, turtles and fish. You can be sure your pet will be very well cared.
Emily, promenade chien - L4K Concord

My name is Emily. I am 16 and in 12th grade. I have experience with both dogs and cats. At home, I have a Labrador and a cat and look after and walk them daily.
Shayley, garde chien - M6P West toronto (high park / the junction south)

I am a 21 year old female pet sitter who has looked after many dogs and cats. I currently look after two dachshunds every other week, where I stay at the owner's place and keep the dogs company. I take the dogs for walks, let them outside, play with them, cuddle with them and keep them company. I am a full time student with classes in the evening so pet sitting works perfectly around my schedule. I also look after a frenchie for an owner and also sleep over at his place to keep the dog compan...
Rayssa, promenade chien York (del ray / keelsdale / mount dennis / silverthorne) M6M

Hey, i had pets all my life. Acctually in Brazil i have 2 dogs, 1 fish and 6 little birds right now!! And i love all!!
Kate, promeneur chien West toronto (high park / the junction south)

Hi there! I'm looking to begin dog walking and pet sitting. I am a wedding photographer and can also take pet portraits! I'm in the Junction and available immediately. Let me know if you have any questions for me. I have one cat at home but have lots of feline experience. I'm also a dog lover and am familiar with them too! Kate
Paulina, promeneur chien North york (york mills / silver hills) M2L

My name is Paulina, I'm 22 years old and I love all the animals. I have a dog which is a little puppy but I used to take care to others animals too as cats, horses, fish ect, ect. I don't mind to walk out the dogs or the cats and play with them. I am a hard worker, peaceful and open to the new experiences. With joy I would take care of your animal. For any further information do not hesitate to contact me
Abdel, pension pour chiens York (del ray / keelsdale / mount dennis / silverthorne)

je suis noir et j ai boucoup travailler travailler avec des animaux que j ai pu vous citer en haut j ai ete eleveur dans ma ville natale. donc je sais comment les traiter pour qu ils se sentent en securite et recoivent beaucoup d amour comme s il s agissait de leurs maitre... veuillez escuser les faute j utilise un clavier qwerty

Hi there my name is Shania I'm 13 years old and I love animals I know how important it is to have the perfect person to take care of your animal and I'm a pet owner myself I've had pet dogs a pet bird and I have a cat I think I'll be the perfect person for the job I pet sit on my neighbors pets and strangers as well. I wouldn't recommend bringing the animal to my home because since I have so many other pets here and I wouldn't say my home is big enough for everybody but I can do walk and ho...

I have raised cats all my life and cared for my friends cat when away; always loved cats and dogs and when members of family are away I look after their pets too.

Hello my name is Yara, I am 15 years old going to be 16 in a few days. I am a vegetarian and love animals as well as taking care of animals. i have had animals my whole life. At the moment i have 2 dogs, 1 being a rotty and the other being a puppy cattledog, i also have a rabbit and many fish. Thank you for reading, yara

Hi ! Im caryl ! I love dogs ! I have dog back home. Its a japanese spitz. I live in North York. Thank you!