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Garde d'animaux Downsview East (CFB Toronto)
Garde d'animaux East Toronto (The Danforth East)
Ailie, promenade chiens East toronto (the danforth east)

Hello my name is Ailie , I am 18 years old and a soon to be student of Queens University's Honours psychology program. I am a massive animal lover. I have two dogs of my own. A German Shepherd named Henry and a Black Lab named Ronnie. They are my babies. I have experience looking after reptiles, dogs and cats as well as small rodents. I look forward to hearing from you.
Rawmeen, pension pour chiens East york (woodbine heights)

I'm an animal loving person, currently own a cat and I'm great with animals. I live in an apartment and have my own pet. I'll be able to keep your pet at my place when necessary. I can walk dogs and take great care of them since I have experience. I can bathe them if I'm asked to. I'll do other works included to taking care of your valuable pets. I've had pets all my life and I love being around animals. I'll be pleased to give you my best service by giving your precious pets the safest and b...
Tesh, promenade chiens - M6J West toronto (rua aþores / trinity)

Hello, pet owner! I'm Tesh. I'm a 20 year-old girl who has lived in Toronto for over a year. I'm an animal lover who can't afford to have a pet. I hope to shower yours with my love instead! I have dog-sitted for a month, stayed in a house with cats for 2 months, and owned fishes for about a year. Even though I don't have any official references, since all these animals were either mine or family-owned, I promise I will be nothing but wonderful to your pets! Please consider me ...
Diana, garde chien West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place)

Hello :), my name is Diana and I have an adorable beagle named Molly who I love very much. I love animals and as a dog owner of 11 years, I know how hard it can be to leave them behind sometimes, especially when they become like family. I will make the experience for the animals seem like their regular schedule hasn't changed since you left them! I have two homes, one is in west downtown Toronto which is a 2 bedroom apartment and the other is in Etobicoke which is a bungalow with spac...
Maisa, promenade chien West toronto (dufferin / dovercourt village)

Hi there! My name is Maisa and I'm 26 years old. I love animals, and have two cats myself. I've previously walked a dog for a wonderful family, and Ridley was a great walking companion. I have experience caring for fish, rabbits, cats, dogs, and am open to meeting more animal friends. :)
Hedi, promeneur chien - M4J East toronto (the danforth east)

I'm a french student and I'm looking for a job in order to become more independent. I arrived 1 month ago in Canada to learn english at Geos Languages Plus Toronto . I love animals, I had two dogs when I was younger and I used to look after my sister 's dog in Paris.
Lily, promenade chien East toronto (studio district) M4M

Hi there my name is Lily Bowdler i am 15 and in the last few years my neighbors have asked to watch there pets when they went on vacation. i walk my dog on the daily as well as i have three cats. i have lots of experience with animal and i love them
Anna, promenade chiens - M6K West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place)

Hello, My name is Anna. I am a huge animal lover! I have two cats of my own ( Pancake & Oddie) and they are my world. I used to work at an animal hospital in Tottenham Ontario and currently reside in Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario! I love cats and dogs so much and am very responsible and attentive. I run and operate a record label in Canada and work my own hours so if you need me to come by with my laptop and watch your furry family for a day or more or evening, I am your girl! Feel free t...
Gouhora Hasiba, famille accueil chien Don mills south (flemingdon park) M3C

Hi, I am a big time dog person. I have a little maltese pooch. I had previous experience taking care of dogs from usually small and medium sized breeds. I work as a full-time nanny, but husband works from home most of the time. So, your little one will be not be left alone for more than 3 hours a day. Plus in those 3 hours, our little princess will give yours some company. We are open for overnight boarding and day care. Dogs will get three to five walks a day depending on weather and phys...
Kara, promeneur chien East york (woodbine heights)

Hi there, I am an animal lover and have grown up with dogs in the house from a small child. I love to be outdoors, walking and cycling are some of my favourite pastimes. I am currently looking for part time work as I nanny in the afternoons with a wonderful family, two boys and two cats. I would love to help you out with your dog, any time or day. Hope to hear from you soon, Kara
Elizabeth, promeneur chien West toronto (dufferin / dovercourt village)

Hi there! I'm Liz and I live in the west end of Toronto. I've grown up with dogs my entire life and currently have a cat. I love animals more than anything and it would be a pleasure to care for yours when you're unable to. I'll love your pets like they're my own!
Drew, promenade chien West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place) M6K

Hi, my name is Drew. I have just moved over from the U.K. and am looking to start work. Both my parents have been dog walkers my whole life and I have always been interested in getting involved in that field. I have also owned two cats and a dog so have a lot of experience handling animals.
Darien, promenade chiens East toronto (the danforth east) M4J

Hello all! I am Darien J , and I am 20 years of age. I have fish of my own but no other pets, although I have close family who I see daily who have dogs and cats. I have another add up for childcare. I am also dog walking in the Pocket/Greenwood area. I go down to Greenwood park for a bit, and back up Jones. I do middle of day walks, mostly. If you would like someone over night if away from the house, I will look after your dog, cat, fish, and other animals. The animals I have ...
Maggie, famille accueil chien - M4L East toronto (india bazaar / the beaches west)

Hello! I grew up with a few german shepherd pups and I loved being able to run with them and taking them outside for exercise. I'm located in the Beaches area so talking your dog out for long walks would be great for them and for me. I'm currently in a household hosting one very docile cat but I'm willing to pet sit and do feedings and hangouts with pets if applicable. Please message me if interested.
Susan, famille accueil chien East toronto (studio district)

I have always had pets which included owning a Briard Lab (120 lbs) for over ten years. I spent a lot of time with her, grooming her, long walks and playing. My children loved pets and so we had a cat, a budgie (which was finger trained and would fly around the house), gerbils, rabbits (in an outdoor pen), hamster and fish. I usually ended up being the care taker of the animals. I currently don't have any pets and live in a small apartment but would be happy to take care of a caged animal ...
Sabrina, pension pour chiens East toronto (the danforth east)

I have graduated from University of Toronto with a degree in English and Sociology. Growing up I've had cats, hamsters and fish. I understand the requirements of a responsible pet owner. I've always had a great love for animals making friends with neighbors so I could walk and play with their dogs. I live in a great residential neighborhood which has access to a dog park five minutes away. My house itself has a lovely garden out front as well as a small backyard.
Adib, promeneur chien East york (thorncliffe park) M4H

I'm a senior high school student who's also attending college at Humber for dual credits. I do already have a part time job but i want a petsitting job because i do need to save up for college and i love working with pets as i get along with most of them. I'm fond of all performing arts in fact I'm going to college for Acting for Film and TV. My schedule at work varies but I can babysit most days after 2:30. I'm good at arts and crafts as well as primary level school stuff. I also love YouTub...

I've had numerous experince with giving care towards animals, . I've volunteered at High Park Zoo, have had 2 hamsters, 1 kitten, 2 dogs, and have volunteered at a Doggy Daycare which was amazing! I'm very patient and all of my earning will be going towards a university fund for my younger sister and I. I plan on becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner or zoologist when I graduate so this will definitely benefit me! I can meet up for an interview and to understand the circumstances for your p...
Heather, promenade chien - M6J West toronto (rua aþores / trinity)

Hi there! I am a 31-year old creative entrepreneur from Toronto. I grew up in a household of pets - rabbits, hamsters, birds, guinea pigs, dogs - you name it - and feel the most at home when animals are around. Given the nature of my career, I have flexibility with my days and would welcome the opportunity to care for pets in my area be it walking, feeding, housesitting; wherever the support is needed.
Caitlin, promeneur chien - M4K East toronto (the danforth west / riverdale)

Hello, my name is Caitlin, I am looking to do some pet sitting! I have three dogs, Cocoa, Karmen, and Walter. I have had two cats, and two birds, I have a turtle named Yoda, and I had a few hamsters as a child. If you have any questions please let me know!
Paulina, promeneur chien North york (york mills / silver hills) M2L

My name is Paulina, I'm 22 years old and I love all the animals. I have a dog which is a little puppy but I used to take care to others animals too as cats, horses, fish ect, ect. I don't mind to walk out the dogs or the cats and play with them. I am a hard worker, peaceful and open to the new experiences. With joy I would take care of your animal. For any further information do not hesitate to contact me
Connie, promenade chien West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place)

I have always had dogs and I love them. I often look after my friends dogs as well. References provided upon request.
Tristin, promeneur chien East toronto (india bazaar / the beaches west)

I've had a dog all my life and am a big animal lover. I horseback ride and am comfortable many types of animals. I have past experience with cat sitting and fish sitting. I am very responsible and respectful
Kylie, pension pour chiens - M6K West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place)

Hello, I love animals and am willing to look after and take care of yours! Unfortunately I am allergic to cats so I can not bring them to my home.

Hello, I am a 26 year old female nursing student studying part-time and looking for part-time work. I love animals and have a cat of my own. I grew up with dogs and cats and have experience with other animals such as snakes, gerbils, turtles, birds, and rabbits. I would love the opportunity to gain more experience. Thank you for your consideration, Kaitland

Hi my name is jackie and i currently have a cat who we love. I love dogs and cats, i like caring for them and also enjoy walking dogs.

I am a new immigrant, Tibetan by native. I have a good experience in this field as I grew up in a family who loves dogs. My family had a four generation of dog. I know how to wash and feed them. I know how to take care of their puppies. I had also look after some strays dog.There r many kind dogs at my village, most of them are strays dog. sometime they give birth more then six puppy at one time. I love them all.

Hi ! Im caryl ! I love dogs ! I have dog back home. Its a japanese spitz. I live in North York. Thank you!

I am a 36 year old young professional working downtown Toronto in the financial district. I am a lover of all animals. I've had dogs my entire life.. I've had Boxers and Boston Terriers , and I know how hard it can be for someone busy to take care of pets on their own.