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Saskatchewan, les principales villes

Garde d'animaux Saskatoon
Garde d'animaux Prince Albert East
Chanda, promenade chien Regina northeast and east central

I dogs but I am unable to have any in my place. I am looking to have a buddy to take for walks and play with. :)
Araya, promeneur chien Regina northeast and east central

My name is araya, I'm in grade ten and I'm 15 years old. I own 1 cat, a fish and a rabbit. I love animals and I have a passion for taking are of them. The reason I am offering pet care services is so I can prove myself so I can be aloud to get another pet. I am currently a volunteer at the humane society, watching animals and cleaning after them. Please sen me a message if you need a trustworthy pet sitter.
Sydnee, promenade chien - S4R Regina north central

I am very interested in helping you out withyour pets ☺

I would love the opportunity to meet your family and discuss my qualifications in more detail.

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