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Promenade, famille d'accueil, gardien d'animaux, pension canine, visite pour votre animal à Saskatoon

Saskatchewan, les principales villes

Garde d'animaux Regina Central
Garde d'animaux Prince Albert East
Cristina, promeneur chien Saskatoon S7W

I grew up with furry four legged family members. I adore dogs so much. I promise I will treat your dogs as my own. Unconditional love, cuddles, and adventures aren't the only benefits of loving and owning a dog, no matter how sad or down you are at times, they will be there to bring your spirits up or just lay next to you to keep you company. Being able to connect with a soul that doesn't care what you look like, how much money you have, how much you weigh, or how big your house is -- none o...
Kirsten, promenade chien Saskatoon northeast central S7N

My name is Kirsten and I currently attend the University of Saskatchewan. I live on an acreage and have many pets: 4 dogs, 4 cats, and 6 horses. I have previously owned/taken care of: hamsters, cows, birds, fish and many more.
Kayla, promenade chiens Saskatoon S7W

Hello my name is Kayla I am 24 years old I have a lot of experience with animals as I have two dogs for the past ten years. I can walk dogs after work either at 4pm or 6pm depending on my schedule I can also walk the dogs on my lunch break If you have any questions please feel free to ask I look forward to hearing back from you Thank you for your time Kayla