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Professeurs et cours particuliers à West Toronto (Rua Aþores / Trinity) : math, français, physique

Ontario, les principales villes

Professeur particulier Downsview East (CFB Toronto)
Professeur particulier East Toronto (The Beaches)
Professeur particulier East Toronto (The Danforth East)
Sarah, cours particulier soutien scolaire - M6S West toronto (bloor west village / swansea)

Hello, My name is Seyoung (Sarah) , and I am a 2nd year chemical engineering student, currently enrolled at the University of Toronto. I have been tutoring different age groups of students. In total, I have been tutoring students whose ages are five, seven, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and seventeen. Usually, I tutored mathematics but I also tutored chemistry and music as well. While I tutored these students, I identified areas for improvement and adjusted individual’s lesson based o...
Sarah, professeur soutien scolaire West toronto (bloor west village / swansea) M6S

I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Canada's East coast. I have experience tutoring in math, physics, statistics and ESL. I currently tutor on a contract basis with one of Toronto's most popular tutoring services. I take pride in coming to each lesson with a positive attitude, prepared and ready to teach. Aside from tutoring, I have a full-time job in the energy industry and enjoy playing sports such as hockey and soccer. Let me know how I can help you or a family member succeed.
Shilpa, cours particulier soutien scolaire - M6B North york (glencairn)

I am a graduate in Electronics Engineering and good in math and science subjects.
Sam, prof particulier maths - M6R West toronto (parkdale / roncesvalles village)

Favourite subject in school is math. Good with language too. Fluent in English and French. Currently attending Urusula Frankin Academy, one of the best high schools in Toronto