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Promenade, famille d'accueil, gardien d'animaux, pension canine, visite pour votre animal à Greater Sudbury (Downtown / Minnow Lake)

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Garde d'animaux Downsview East (CFB Toronto)
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Ramona, promenade chiens - P3B Greater sudbury (downtown / minnow lake)

To Whom it may concern : I Ramona am a animal lover .Born and raised with both cats and dogs around me all the time, I come to love them as a therapeutic kin. Later in my life I have always visited people who have pets and then offered pet sitting weather it just be for a neighbor or friends and family. I have just recently moved back to Sudbury to care for my mom, And have just adopted a 3 yr old female grey mix cat . She had only been at the shelter for not even a month. She is so adora...
Ramona, pension pour chiens Greater sudbury (downtown / minnow lake) P3B

Growing up with dogs and cats and the occasional gerbil, I have come to be attached to animals whether it be in my home or someone else s , I consider them a part of the family. I share the animals pain when their hurting, and their joy when when they are happy.I have reared puppy's and kittens to full adult .Or when their lives were cut short Du to disease or accident. I consider pets to be a part of the family, even when living apart. To set their dish down and full during family meal time,...
Samantha, promenade chien - P3N Greater sudbury (val caron)

My name is samantha, I love animals, and i own four dogs, a cat and a horse, and am willing to care for any type or size of animal. I can deal with common problems, and think quickly if there were an emergency. I would rather die than let any animal get hurt, as animals are what comfort me. i am relatively strong, and can handle most dog and horse breeds.
Brooke, promeneur chien - P3C Greater sudbury (gatchell / west end / little britain)

My names Brooke. I'm almost 17 years of age. I attend Sudbury Secondary School. I love animals, and I am available to watch your animal as long as it does not bite. I could come to your house, walk your animals and care for them. I'm a very happy person and I'm reasonable. I will play with your animals, and get them exercise. I have a ferret, she's albino and she's beautiful. I have a black lab/boxer mix, he's my favorite thing on this planet. My boyfriend owns a snake and many fish, I tak...

I am Alexandria I am 16 years old, I have always wanted to have a pet dog, cat, guinea pig, and rabbit but was not able to. In my life as so of pets I have owned 8 hamsters and a puppy named Cuddles that was my dad's girlfriends pup though when I was like 9. I adore animals though even though I have not had much in my house hold, my friends do though so I usually see them alot and get along with many animals myself so no worry if I take care of your animal(s), no offense to those snack lovers...
Victoria, promenade chien Greater sudbury (garson)

Hi there! My name is Victoria. Since I can remember, my family and I have always had animals and with this has come a great love for them. I currently have a 8 month old Toy Cockapoo named Georgia, who is my bestfriend. We would love for your dog(s) to join us for our daily walks!
Lisa, promeneur chien Greater sudbury (hanmer) P3P

Professional dog walker. Off leash hikes in small Intimate pack. References available!
Emily, promenade chien Greater sudbury (robinson / lockerby)

I am a trustworthy and reliable IB student who is willing to help you out with your pet care needs. I have a dog and a fish, and have watched over birds as well.

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