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Promenade, famille d'accueil, gardien d'animaux, pension canine, visite pour votre animal à London (East Tempo)

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Garde d'animaux Downsview East (CFB Toronto)
Garde d'animaux East Toronto (The Beaches)
Garde d'animaux East Toronto (The Danforth East)
Danika, promenade chiens London (sunningdale / west masonville / medway / ne hyde park / east fox hollow) N6G

Hi! I have always loved animals especially dogs. I have always grown up with a dog there hasn't been a time where I haven't had one. I always walk, feed, and bath my dog. I am just beginning when it comes to taking care and walking others dogs but I have a lot of experience with my own and would love to be given the chance. Thanks
Abigail, garde chien - N6P London (talbot / lambeth / west tempo / south sharon creek)

My name is Abigail Neal and I am 20 years old. I am currently in my third year at Western Ontario, and I am double majoring in both psychology and family studies. I am reliable, punctual, and a big animal lover. I am willing to be flexible with hours and I have my drivers license so you will never need to worry about transportation. Please email me if you have any questions or would like to set up an interview. Thank you for your time!
Megan, garde chien - N5V London (yxu / north and east argyle / east huron heights)

I love animals, they are my passion. It would be an awesome experience to be able to work with them.
Andrea, pension pour chiens - N5V London (yxu / north and east argyle / east huron heights)

i am an 18 year old student that will be starting collage this September taking child and youth care. i do not have any pets at the moment but i have had several fish, turtles and i had one dog. i the very near future i hope to get my self a dog. I love animals especially dogs i can call myself a dog lover to the fullest! My house has 2 floors plus the basement, it has a backyard and the neighborhood is very quite and calm. the house has flooring on the first and second floor but the basement...
Mandeep, promenade chiens - N5Y London (west huron heights / carling)

Student at fanshawe Looking for a job and I'm pet lover and i think nothing is better than handling pets as your work. It'll be a new experience for me.

Hello, I have always had cats and German Sheperds (normally 2 or more Sheperds at a time). I am an expert in pooper scooping (backyards and litter boxes), I am pretty good at walking dogs, and animals seem to love me, if you need some help with your animal please let me know. Thanks
Snow, promeneur chien London west (central hyde park / oakridge) N6H

hello, I am really like pets. And I had few pets before, if you have some specific request, I would like to learn

I love animals! I have never had a pet. I have extensive experience in this domain and I'm great with animals. I love taking dogs on walks and playing with them. I have birds and turtles and I used to have horses. I have my own car so I'm able to commute very easily. I am also very flexible with my schedule so I am available all the time! I would like to work in a domain that brings me joy, and taking care of pets is one of them!

Hi, my name is Heidi. I love pets, and always have. I've had many animals of my own including dogs, cats, bunny, snake, mice, hamster, and gerbils. I enjoy looking after them, and caring for them.