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Promenade, famille d'accueil, gardien d'animaux, pension canine, visite pour votre animal à Oakville East

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Garde d'animaux Downsview East (CFB Toronto)
Garde d'animaux East Toronto (The Beaches)
Garde d'animaux East Toronto (The Danforth East)
Oriana, promenade chien - L6M Oakville west

he tenido animales desde pequena , me gusta estar en compañía de ellos , jugar con ellos , deje de tener mascotas hace unos 8 anos debido a que tuve hermanos menores
Katie, promeneur chien Oakville northeast L6J

Hello! My name is Katie and I am a university student living in Oakville. I am an animal lover and have a cat of my own. I also have experience looking after and walking dogs.
Alyssa, promenade chien Oakville north

Hi my name is Alyssa, I have been a pet owner since I was a child, I had pets like dogs, cats, rabbits and also i have been around with farm animals. Recently I had a cat named kitty who has died from old age and I dearly miss her. Given this opportunity I will be able to enjoy being around pets that I adore and love taking care off. My goal is to provide your pets proper care, daily grooming and get their everyday needs. It will be an honour to be working for you and also to be taking care ...
Alicia, famille accueil chien Oakville west

I'm a 22 year old woman whom lives independently & would be considered mature for her age. I feel very fortunate that I work with animals for a living as nature has always been my passion. At home I have a playful 12 year old cat 'Tiger' & a large fish tank consisting of angel fish, snails, frogs & aquatic plants. When my schedule allows my hobbies include outdoor activities such as camping, hiking & swimming. In the winter months I enjoy arts & crafts such as painting, knitting & jewellery c...
Sydney, famille accueil chien Oakville north

Hi there! I am a hardworking student located in Oakville and I’m looking for a caregiving job to help assist in the financing of my future university education. I am friendly, outgoing and highly organized. I love all kinds of animals, and have had dogs, fish and rodents before. I have a flexible schedule and can work days and/or nights. I love the outdoors, swimming, hiking and running! Please contact me if you have any questions at all!
Mary, promeneur chien Oakville north L6H

My name is Mary , I am 16 years old and attend St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School. My first languages are Croatian and Spanish I am also fluent in English and speak some French. I am available every day of the week preferably after 3:45. I love being around animals and I would love to have the opportunity to get more experienced with them, I love to play with animals and I love to be around them. I find that I am a very responsible and reliable person once i commit to something I stay commit...
Kelsey, promeneur chien Oakville north

My name is Kelsey and I'm a student at Sheridan College. I love animals and have grown up with them, they are truly wonderful creatures. I have a cat named Sonny who I love dearly. I can come look after your pet or just take them for a walk! I am available on Monday/Tuesday nights and Friday/Saturday's after 2. Contact me if you are interested in my services! Thank you 😃

I have a bird, hamster, and a fish. I have some experience with animals and I would like to have the opportunity to walk dogs in the afternoons from Monday to Friday.

Hi I'm Joie I am a recent high school graduate and venturing into University this coming fall. I am a reliable Adult who adores animals. I am very playful but careful when it comes to pets.

Hello, my name is Robin. I have plenty of experience with animals. I had 2 cats and I have 2 dogs. My dogs are 12 years old so I have been taking care of them. I also have experience with dog walking. I love animals I can offer dog walks, bathing dogs, feeding dogs, playtime with dogs. For Cats I can offer playtime, feeding them, scooping the cat box and changing the litter. For fish I can feed them. I am open to caring for hamsters but no other rodents.

Hi I'm Alyssa I have 2 cats and 2 dogs my parents mostly leave me with them when they go places for a few hours. Yes any animals can come in.