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Garde d'animaux East Toronto (The Danforth East)
Sarah, garde chien Oshawa north L1L

My name is Sarah and I'm 24 years old looking for individuals that need help with their pets! I have a loving, caring family who have always been open with helping others with their pets when they are in need. My self and Steven have a 16 month old boy who also loves the entertainment of animals and feel it is appropriate to introduce as many to him as possible to teach him compassion and to encourage play! We love to enjoy the outdoors and with summer approaching, having a new dog friend joi...
Shaeleigh, garde chien Oshawa north

I have 2 tiny kitties named Lilly Potter and Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter fan here!) They're adorable little munchkins and I've only had them for a couple of months in 2018 but I've always had a dog and cat growing up. This is just my first time having them completely on my own as a grown up but I do love them dearly. I love watching my friends' and family's dogs and cats. I have had multiple sleepovers with my family's dogs and a few with my friend's boxer/pitbull over the holidays. I...
Casey, promeneur chien Oshawa north

Hi, My name is Casey and I am a 19 year old female that attends Durham College in the 9-1-1 Emergency and Call Centre Communications program. I have a dog names Myles which is rescued from a shelter, he is a Rottweiler mix but it is a guessing game as to what he is mixed with. The vet said he is 5 but he looks 2. He is my Emptional Support Animal. I love all kinds of animals and love to go to the park and for walks.
Gracie, promeneur chien Oshawa central L1G

Hello, My name is Gracie , I am 19 and I finished high school in 2014. I have worked with animals all my life and have always found ways to work with them. I have worked with a number of different animals in my life including dogs, cats, horses and a few snakes. I feel that working with animals is a lot more rewarding because you get to see the impact your work makes and also its such a calming job. I most definitely hope to hear from you soon. Have a wonderful day, Gracie
Teja, promenade chien Oshawa southeast L1H

My name is Teja , I'm 16 years old and a grade 11 student in Oshawa. I've been speaking french since the age of 6. I'm a very outgoing person, and always looking on the positive side. I'm very responsible, respectful, and reliable. Your pets won't be in any harm when in my care. I have a cat, who just recently had a kitten. When i was younger I had a dog, that i loved very much. I also had bids, and fishes. I'm usually the one who fed them, unless I wasn't home, someone else would. I...
Klair, promeneur chien Oshawa southwest

My name is Klair , i love animals and have had a few of my own. Ive always grown up near or with animals ive adopted a Goldren retriever named Charlie he is now gone but was a very spoiled dog. Dog walking or pet sitting seems to be a very good job for me since i love animals so much, i love playing with them and taking care of them. I am able to bring these animals to my house since i have a big back yard, going to the dog park or even going for walks is something i would love to do w...
Tonya, promeneur chien - L1L Oshawa north

My name is Tonya, I'm 16. I currently own 2 cats, but I've owned dogs, birds, and other animals in the past

Hi my name is Tina I have worked in a doggie daycare in the 1990s , I have my first aid for animals, I also have two dogs and a cat

Hello my name is Rebecca I am a natural animal lover and am very energetic. I am available for home visits, walking and other pet care needs.