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Julie, promeneur chien Ottawa (alta vista) K1H

im great with pet, i don't mind cleaning up if they poop or get sick! I'm very good with animals. I'm trustworthy and dependable. I'm good at many things and problem solving so i can help in any form regarding that. My main goal when i get a job it is to offer the best servers I can and to many sure who is paying me is paying me for the best services they can/could find and that I can offer. I'm free weekends and 3 days a week in the summer all day plus every evening. I'm very loving and c...
Chelsey, promeneur chien Ottawa (britannia / pinecrest)

My name is Chelsey, I am seventeen turning eighteen June 9th, Graduating school this year. I do babysitting and look after animals for extra money. I am extremely good with pets . Animals are very important to me, I treat them with respect as much I do with humans. I have own pets all my life like ctas, fish, birds, etc. and had family who owned pets that I cared for. I also own two cats now Cleo-patra and Ceaser. Cleo is a tabby cat and Ceaser a orange tabby who weighs a ton! I have looked a...
Élisabeth, garde chien - K1N Ottawa (lower town / sandy hill / university of ottawa)

Hello, my name is Élisabeth and I am a pet lover! I have a dog of my own right now (Olive the Vizsla) and have had a real zoo in my house including birds, rabbits, guinea-pigs and fish. I am passionate about loving your pet and stimulating it as much as you would. Furthermore, if you are currently training your pet, I am ready to step in and continue said training so they don't fall behind if you are not home. I have experience training dogs and birds. I hope to meet you and your pet s...
Sydney, promeneur chien - K1K Ottawa (overbrook)

I have a lot of experience with animals and I love them all! My name is Sydney, I'm a grade 12 student at St. Peter CHS seeking a part-time and/or summer position looking after animals of any kind. I can provide walks, bathing, play time and proper feeding to your pets! My hours are flexible as long as they do not interfere with my school which is 8:00-2:00 on weekdays. I am available to take care of your animals during summer and national/school day holidays.
Danielle, promenade chien - K1V Ottawa (riverside park / hunt club west / riverside south / yow)

My name is Danielle I have had experience with dog sitting and walking I am currently walking a beagle that about 9 years old I have had experience dog sitting to while people are away I am relyable I have school from 8-3:15 so around 4 I could feed and walk your dog depending on your area I am very good with walking dogs and I make sure they get lots and lots of attention. I am flexible with pay just talk to me and we can work something out. I have my own dog so I am experienced in dog care
Amanda, pension pour chiens Ottawa (queensway / copeland / carlington / carleton heights)

Hello! I'm a Brazilian that just got in Canada, I live in Ottawa with my husband, who is studying at Algonquin College. I'd really appreciate if I had the opportunity to work with pets. I always loved animals and I feel that I have a special connection with them. Now I don't have any pet in Canada, my dog is in Brazil and I really miss her. She is a Schnauzer and her name is Felicia, is the love of my life, but, unfortunately, I couldn't bring her with me and she is with my mom, that is pa...
Holly, promeneur chien Ottawa (centre town) K2P

Hello! I am a total animal lover. I have an english springer spaniel, 2 cats, and two betta fish of my own! I'm a first year part-time Carleton student looking for a second job that I am passionate about.
Mohamed, promenade chien Ottawa (britannia / pinecrest) K2B

Je suis un adolescent de 17 ans étudiant à l'école Maurice lapointe j'ai quelque experiance en gardiennage de chien, je suis pas chers et je donne géneralement une bonne impression la premiere fois. Je pense être un bon choix dans le gardiennage et l'accompagnement de votre chien. Je peux prendre votre chien pour l'amener se promener jouer avec le nourrir et même le nettoyer I am a 17 year old student at Maurice Lapointe school I have some experience in dog guarding, I'm cheap and I usually...
Chloe, promenade chien - K1K Ottawa (overbrook)

Hello! My name is Chloe and I will be 15 this coming April. I was born in Quebec, Canada and lived with many, many, many animals. At age 8 I moved to Basel Switzerland where i had to leave my animals behind, which was terribly difficult. I currently have a small Lasa-Apso dog aged 5. I love taking care of him as I am incredibly passionate about animals. I walk him, brush him, feed him, play with him, and take care of him in general! I love to do it and would be very happy to take care of yo...
Cassidy, promeneur chien - K1H Ottawa (alta vista)

Hello! My name is Cassidy and I'm extremely fond of pets! I'm an animal lover and a very reliable teen. I am attempting to save up for university and found that taking care of animals is one of the most fun ways to earn some money. I have two cats at home and regularly take care of cats, rodents, fish, and even dogs. I love pet sitting as it's so fun to care for animals, no matter how much love and dedication it takes. I'm quite fond of exercise so I find dog walking quite easy, I could even ...
Jonathan, promeneur chien - K2P Ottawa (centre town)

I am a 20 year old male who is always bursting with energy, although I have the ability to completely contain it when it is necessary. I personally do not have any pets but I regularly venture to my mother's home and my friend's home. My mother has 2 dogs ( an English terrier and a Lab pup) and 2 cats ( One black and one Calico). The dogs I take on walks whenever I am there. My friend has 2 pit bulls and a Boston terrier which I occasionally help out by taking them out on walks. He also ha...
Brianna, promeneur chien Ottawa (lower town / sandy hill / university of ottawa) K1N

Hello, My name is Brianna and I am 19 years old. I love animals, especially dogs, but unfortunately do not have a dog of my own. I do have two dogs back at my parents house, a golden retriever named Hailey and a huskey named Sasha. This is also a way to enjoy the nice weather that the summer has to bring!
Sabrina-lynn, promenade chien Ottawa (centre town) K2P

I love animals i have a cat and a hamoster ive had a dog that has recently reached her age and passed away at 15years old. I know alot about cats and dogs. I can feed and groom and walk, And play with them.
Bryanna, pension pour chiens - K2P Ottawa (centre town)

Hello, my name is Bryanna im 16 years old, I’m fairly new at this but I want to work with animals when I grow up so why not try this to bring my experience up. I love animals so much I have 2 dogs and 1 cat so I know how to take care of animals already im a trustworthy person and I will normally come to you so you don’t have to worry about coming to me so if you have animals that have to stay home like birds I’m your gal.
Shania, promenade chien - K2P Ottawa (centre town)

I am 16 years of age my name is Shania I have a dog three cats a rat and a hamster
Hannah, promeneur chien - K2B Ottawa (britannia / pinecrest)

I have a dog and a cat which I have raised since babies who I give the most time, affection, Attention to. I absolutely love caring for animals, and Taking photographs to create artwork. I walk my dog twice a day and have been around all animals since childhood. I am 24 years old and extremely responsible and diligent. If you would like to meet me, I'd be happy to meet the animals to make sure everything is a good fit.
Abby, promeneur chien - K2P Ottawa (centre town)

Hello! My name is Abby a 14 almost 15 year old girl. I have 5 dogs, 2 cats, a bunny, fish, and more! I am always subjected to animals and love them with everything I have! On occasion I volunteer cleaning cages at the animal hospital. Excited to meet you and your furry friend!
Kay-leigh, garde chien Ottawa (queensway / copeland / carlington / carleton heights)

Hello, I'm Kay-leigh . Iv'e had almost every pet growing up. from eels to Bunnies. i love animals and it has always been a dream of mine to become a vet. Having 2 babies at a young age put that to a hault. But i would like to start getting some animal experience by helping you guys out. I currently have a kitty cat named Snoops & a dog named Sasha. If you have any questions please do email me at as i do not have a cell phone. thank you for your consideration. i would love to wor...
Shawna, garde chien Ottawa (overbrook)

My name is Shawna . I am 18 years of age. I have had 5 dogs through out my life and have personally trained 3 of them and took care of all of them. My first dog was named Melody, She had passed away a few years ago, Pablo and Bella are another two I grew up with and trained, Boo Boo is a family dog that I take care of, and then theres my newest puppy Nama, I am in the process of training her and am almost done. My Family is all about dogs, We have more dogs then we do childern. I have always...
Chasya, promenade chiens Ottawa (queensway / copeland / carlington / carleton heights) K2C

My name is Chasya and I will be 18 next month. I have two cats of my own, and have a credible amount of experience with cats and dogs. I am friendly and caring. I love animals and am good with them.
Dionne, promenade chiens - K2B Ottawa (britannia / pinecrest)

Although I have never fully looked after any other animals, I so love cats and dogs. I find them not only adorable but a good companion to the owner/owners and healthy for children to have a childhood pet they can grow up with. I love meeting new pets that are not only lovable but love being around people and love the attention. I do have a rabbit that I take care of, I will feed him and change his water every other day she to him eating a lot. I also help with my friends dog whenever he...
Julia, promeneur chien - K2C Ottawa (queensway / copeland / carlington / carleton heights)

Hi! Just call me Dr. Doolittle! :) I love animals, have always grown up with them...they are like my own children. So if you want your animals to be well taken care of, give me a shout! Would love more furbuddies to spend time and connect with!
Audrey, promeneur chien Ottawa (centre town) K2P

Canadian borned, lived most of my life in Argentina, arrived few months ago with my cat Romeo. I love animals in general, have lived with them since I can recall. I´ve breeded horses in Egypt and Argentina, and have been volunteer in Cat Shelter for 4 years. Will atend First Aid/CPR pet course end of August at St. John Ambulance. I am actually studiying Ontological Coaching.
Summer, promenade chien - K1Z Ottawa (westboro)

I am a pet lover and mom to 2 dogs . Over the years I have looked after many animals . I also worked at a pet food store as a pet nutrition guru . I am a non smoker. I look forward to meeting you.
Danielle, promenade chiens Ottawa (riverside park / hunt club west / riverside south / yow) K1V

Hi, I'm Danielle. I am reliable and caring pet sitter. I'm 23 years old full of energy , easy to work with and i love animals. I'm very interested in doing this job.
Natalie, promenade chiens - K2B Ottawa (britannia / pinecrest)

I am an happy and passionate animal lover. Have had several myself. I am warm and loving as well as punctual and professional.
Jessica, promenade chien Ottawa (parliament hill)

I've had my own dogs, I've dog sat for family members. I volunteered with the SPA dog walking the dogs up for adoption and in their brightening lives program.

Me isabelle age 12 almost 13and my friend crystal 12 like walking animals, taking care of them ect... I have 2 animals 1 puppy 1 cat. You may have to bring nessary objects for ur animals like ex: food, cage...
Maia, promenade chien Ottawa (riverview / hawthorne) K1G

Hi, My name is Maia . I am a grade 10 student at Glebe Collegiate Institute and I love animals. I have experience taking care of other's dogs and cats and used to have a pet a pet fancy rat so I am comfortable for rodents. I am very reliable and easy to get ahold of any time. Thank you for taking a look at my profile and I hope you consider me for a job.
Isabel, promeneur chien Ottawa (alta vista) K1H

Hello! My name is Isabel , I am a competent, responsible seventeen year old who has lived with both cats and dogs in my life. I am fond of both though I must confess that I am in fact a cat person. I would go above and beyond to take care of your furry friend and hope to get the chance to prove it. Thank you for your consideration!