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Promenade, visite, famille d'accueil, pension canine dans le 11 Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan, principales villes :

Garde d'animaux Saskatoon
Garde d'animaux Regina Central
Garde d'animaux Prince Albert East
Garde d'animaux Moose Jaw Southeast
Garde d'animaux Moose Jaw Northeast
Garde d'animaux Moose Jaw West
Garde d'animaux North Battleford
Garde d'animaux Lloydminster
Garde d'animaux Yorkton
Garde d'animaux Swift Current
Alexandra, garde chien   Saskatchewan

My names Alexandra, I have one dog named Hank, he is a Blue Tickcoonhound! He is just a year old but I also have watch my friends dogs and cats on many many occasions! I grew up on a farm in Dauphin Manitoba so I am also familiar with al...
Jade, promenade chiens Prince albert southwest S6W

My name is Jade Roy and I like to walk dogs. I'm 15 years old and in Track and Field at Carlton Comprehensive High School. I'm in grade 10 and willing to give time to the pets that I would walk with, or visit them.
Hailey, famille accueil chien Weyburn S4H

My name is Hailey and I work at my local humane society. I have a huge love for animals and love taking care of them. I have two dogs, both of which I adopted. I love them more than anything and they are both very friendly with other a...
Taylor, promenade chiens Prince albert east

Have had animals all my life. I am responsible and trust worthy.
Cristina, promeneur chien Saskatoon S7W

I grew up with furry four legged family members. I adore dogs so much. I promise I will treat your dogs as my own. Unconditional love, cuddles, and adventures aren't the only benefits of loving and owning a dog, no matter how sad or dow...
Shanlee, pension pour chiens Weyburn S4H

I am motivated energetic and have a great personality we have our own pets and they love new friends
Brigid, promeneur chien Prince albert east S6X

Hi! I'm Brigid. I'm an 18 year old grade 12 Rivier Academy student. I love animals. At one point, I had two cats and two dogs, but recently we were forced to put my very first cat down. Her name was Stella. Now we have Loudy, a black lab...
Bethany, promenade chien Estevan S4A

Hey! My name is Bethany. I have 2 dogs and they are my favourite thing. I know how hard it is to find somebody reliable to look after your animals. Vacations, work trips, out of town commitments can be stressful enough without worrying a...
Molli, promenade chiens Lloydminster

I'm Molli, I am an animal lover! I'm bubbly and spontaiois. I own a variety of animals myself and love to play and take care of them! Bandit is my dog he is 3 and full of energy! Then I have two fish tanks, one being just school fish a...
Lilea, promeneur chien   Saskatchewan

Hi, my name Is Lilea I’m a 16 year old female going into grade 11. I have 3 dogs a few cats and two small birds along with plenty of small fish. I have also fostered wounded animals such, dog, cat and a pigeon. I love spending tim...
Jennifer, promenade chiens Swift current S9H

I'm jennifer I'm just what you need for your furry family
Nakoshia, garde chien Yorkton

I'm nakoshia. I love dogs and pets.. I had one pet but I sold it o a family member that wanted a pet badly but I won't ever sell your pets or pet I promise😊😊 I have a pretty decent place. I sleep in a basement with a TV and couches and e...
Brooklyn, promenade chien Moose jaw southeast S6H

Hi! my name is Brooklyn , and I live on a farm with my dad every other weekend, so I have three horses two pigs three dogs and three cats! I take care of them all myself, I walk them, i feed them, I play with them, and their 100% health...
Kirsten, promenade chien Saskatoon northeast central S7N

My name is Kirsten and I currently attend the University of Saskatchewan. I live on an acreage and have many pets: 4 dogs, 4 cats, and 6 horses. I have previously owned/taken care of: hamsters, cows, birds, fish and many more.
Marcetta, promenade chien Moose jaw southeast S6H

My name is Marcetta and I really enjoy pets. My cat is one of my best friends and I love her more than anything. Dogs are also cool animals. I want to try to walk more and would love to have the opportunity to get to know animals. I'm up...